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brushed cotton tote (6)

After the last four posts of questing to use every scrap I had left of the same fabrics, I put the last bits into some semblance of order on my chopping board! (In case you’re wondering ’bout t’ title ??!- it’s a bit of Lancashire dialect thrown in 😉 Must be one of those days!)

Anyways….back to the real matter in hand! What could you or even I do with these meagre little scraps?? (I have a little confession before we go any further….BIG SIGH!!) Thinking I was getting towards the end of everything,,,I suddenly found another scrap length of the blue flowery fabric in my stash ;-/ Aaaargh!! Well, I couldn’t just leave it to reappear in many moons to come, it had to be combined in this ‘end of makes’!! So, instead of it leaving me utterly frustrated, I took it as a positive and decided therefore I could go larger, rather than smaller as anticipated with this next make 😉 BUT, what would it be??….


brushed cotton tote (3)

A super soft and very vibrant reversible design Hand Quilted Shoulder Bag/Tote!! Even the tiniest of scrap leftover crimson has made a little statement on this design

brushed cotton tote (4)

Of course, being reversible, needs another design! By this stage I am seriously running out of sizeable fabric pieces (apart from the blue flowery fabric! OOO Please take note of the duo button detail hear on the fastening flap – as it failed to be noted in the final image properly)….So, this if the result! (I’m rather happy with it though all tiny bits considered) As you can see, it’s all hand quilted too 😉

brushed cotton tote (1)

Measuring out the ‘new discovery’ of MORE blue flowery fabric meant I had just enough to Fully Line, make a Multi-Pocket, trim the outer bag And make a single shoulder strap – surely reason enough to be happy now?! Showing the two open pockets and the full width zipped pocket – using also some of the lovely wooden flower buttons I acquired to strengthen and stabilise the pocket areas.

brushed cotton tote (5)

A Couple of coordinating buttons to go on the front of the magnetic clasp (not photographed very well I’m afraid due to shine) and the little super soft cotton tote is packaged ready for a new life of shopping and adventures!!

Still a few scrap leftovers in the pile, though much smaller now……Amazing how far a kilo or so of fabric can go!