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Jen's quilt!

Jen’s ‘Moomin’ quilt!

After completing and handing in her PhD last week, our Daughter Jennifer, came to stay for a little visit around lunchtime on Monday this week (and, has just left after lunch today, Friday, so keep in mind its been roughly four full days!),  As only just out of the world of being a full time Student at 25 years old, she has yet to readjust obviously…so, thoughtfully she still brought me a large case of washing!!! ;-/

We excitedly discussed all her recent deadlines and caught up on other things, whilst I turned on the washing machine….She then put forth her ‘little plan’ for the short stay home, which meant we could have much Mother and Daughter time, sounds lovely I thought 🙂 simultaneously Jen produced three ‘Moomin’ cotton T-Towels – so cute! Her plan was to make a lap quilt using the cotton panels, hand quilt it and take it back as a surprise for her partner!!! …..WHAT in four days..???? Aaaarghghgghgh. I know I can work quickly….but really?

You might be thinking two people/four days simple….! But from those four full 48 hours we now have to minus time for visits with Grandparents, A pre-planned outing by my daughter to Manchester to see Stephen Fry at the Bridgewater Hall, which of course means leaving at three o’clock on the Wednesday and not returning until nearly midnight, a dental appointment which I had booked the same day, so a round trip of loosing another couple of hours including treatment and a numb face for the next five hours, and of course Jennifer managing to squeeze in another lunch out for us all with grandparents on Thursday…there’s another couple hours gone….maybe allow for two hours sleep each night as well ?!? Suddenly those four days, hardly even seem to have 48 hours left of working time to make this little masterpiece!!!!  AAAAArrrrrrghghghhghg again! As we talked through all this, my lovely daughter said, ‘… it would be fine – plenty of time!!!!!’  😉 How did her generation get to be so laid back???

By 5.0 pm on the Monday of her arrival, we had just about decided on a plan of how it would look, taking into account the different shapes of the towels, now all we had to do was find the colour combination she wanted…??? OMG! … was I ever under prepared for this……My whole fabric stash was about to be brought out…ALL at once – OMG!!! :-0  :-0  :-0

After opening a zillion boxes and sifting through 99 tons of cotton fabrics, moving them from one ledge to another until my whole conservatory workspace was in danger of bursting, I managed to create a short list of colours for Jen’s final decision…! By 10.30 pm the chopping of fabric was well under way…at last – PHEW!

What can I say?!? It was actually finished by 2.0 am this morning – she was right…”Plenty of time!” Though I must confess to missing the last bit of hand quilting – my midnight oil had obviously run out…as I had fallen asleep in a little heap on the sofa beside her ^-^ !!!

Overall it has been a wonderful week and a lot of fun making this little quilt with her too – I hope it’s a nice surprise for her someone special!!!?

I shall at last get back to my WIP (sneak preview below) which has been sitting patiently in a bag for way longer than it should……

Will I ever get to finish it??? My flying Geese lap-quilt guaranteed  to have me all Goosed out with all the hand quilting!

Will I ever get to finish it??? My flying Geese lap-quilt guaranteed to have me all Goosed out with all the hand quilting I have planned….!