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Stonehenge - done my way!

”…..Sometimes…..’ A poem  by ME!

Caren Taylor copyright 2014 (for both picture image and poem)


Sometimes we need something ???

but, don’t know what it is…?

Sometimes we want something ???

but don’t know how to get it…?

Sometimes we feel something ???

but don’t know how to respond…?

Sometimes….. things just happen

And…It’s the best feeling in the World..! 🙂

—————————-CAREN TAYLOR 2014 (C)

One day…I knew I needed to paint another mural, but though I knew what I wanted, and, I had a feeling of what it should be, it just wasn’t becoming how I envisaged… in fact it was about a million miles away from making me happy! Then…a Eureka moment! Life is all about change…! So, scrap the first plan!!! Pensively, drawn from one situation to another and seeing things from two different perspectives within my head, there was only one realistic outcome to achieve my aim, I based my creative crowning glory on a Constable! An atmospheric artistic arrangement in my own colours of His ‘Stonehenge’! Painted ferociously with everyday emulsion paint in a matter of hours…when you know something is right…… go for it!!! Was I a Druid in a past life?!?…Maybe?!? Am I happy with the outcome?!? YES!!! I can stand anywhere and look into the perspective of the picture to give me perspective on life, I can sit and wonder in the forefront of my thoughts, or I can delve back and take a deeper moment of thought of what things could or should have been…! Constable’s reasons for painting his picture were his… My mural makes me muse over matters and moments of my life…for ME!

Stonehenge Mural – done my way! But, inspired by Constable!

A simple emulsion painting (using only tester pots and cheap decorating paintbrushes))  which has brightened my days for many years now – I cease to tire of it 🙂 Oh! and I also built a mini Stonehenge at the bottom of our garden, using old stone paving edge stones I dug up – a post for another time, maybe!!!

On many of my posts I have photographed my craft items on our large sofa in our back living- room, which is directly below my huge mural of my beloved Stonehenge. Our back room leads directly through to my painting/drawing/crafting workspace in the conservatory…as a south facing room, it is perfect to work in, maybe for two or three days a year!!!, making for one giant place to work and create! On some of my crafty posts, a snippet or two of the photos, may have included bits of the painting, which was unknown to the viewer …so I am now unveiling what sits above!

For whatever reason…I have been drawn to Stonehenge for years, and, was fortunate to have visited the site…on a surprise trip! – which made me doubly sure.. I must have been some kind of Druid in a past life ;-/! (for the fulfilment if being there, was just indescribable)  – it was the best thing I could ever have wished for and experienced! I have much to thank my Dearest one for, because, the experience, and, even though he didn’t understand my drive to be there… he still took me 🙂

After doing many murals both for my own children in their bedrooms as they grew up and for friend’s, and, sometimes even for their children too, over the years, I suddenly felt the urge to create one for myself!!! Not really knowing what else to add to the unveiling of my wall…I thought I would stick a poem underneath, which also seems a little disjointed from reason too! So they make a perfect coupling :-)!

One amazing purely random fact I want to share………t I have a mirror centrally placed directly opposite the painting, and, if the sun hits the mirror on the summer solstice, which it has done a couple of time over the years, it lights up My Stonehenge in the most amazing way, taking a beam of light through to the back of the painting and through the two furthest stones!


PS. Having first been an untitled poem by myself, I was spurred on by the lovely Mrs. P. to give it one…so, after much deliberation……….and then some more……….I came up with the apt new title of, ‘…..Sometimes…..’ 🙂