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My Mum and Ronnie

My Mum and Ronnie

This is what I did this afternoon, really I should have been ironing, but I think the three hours painting was more relaxing, the ironing can be at the front of tomorrows ”To Do” list. No guarantees it will happen, as I went shopping yesterday with my Mum, a bit of indulgence, I invested in some new fabrics, using my birthday money, Yey! I feel a creative patchwork moment on the horizon!!!

This painting was a request of my Mum’s friend Ronnie, she has been reluctant to tell me he wanted it done as she, like myself, is non too fond of being either on photographs or pictures of any kind. However, eventually she asked me and gave me the tiniest photo to work from, it was from their holiday in Scotland last year. I do believe the high colour on their cheeks was caused not by sunshine, but the inclement weather, wind and rain!

Whether this painting is actually finished or not remains to be seen, I was asked to leave the background out as Ronnie wanted it to match the one I painted of himself for his seventieth birthday;

Portraits – ‘Ronnie’ – Watercolour Portrait

and the one which I painted of my Mum when she was seventeen;

Watercolour portrait of My Mum

Though I do feel it could do with something as a backdrop, we shall see, Maybe the black mount will be all he wants. Ronnie does seem to manage to keep getting himself in my portraiture works, here is one, for those who haven’t seen it before, of Ronnie when he was a young lad with his siblings.(He’s the one on the right)

Watercolour Sepia Family Portrait from Old Photograph

Now, I just need to find somewhere to hide my ironing, then I can start sewing tomorrow! 😉