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'"SCENE" From a Bench series' -Soaring moments'

‘”SCENE” From a Bench series’ -Soaring moments’

Here is another of my “SCENE” from a Bench Series of Oil Pastel Pictures. Obviously in this one I have tried to give the perspective of overlooking the  sea from the top of the cliffs, whilst in the mid distance I’ve included sea birds rising on the thermals – giving it the title ‘Soaring Moments’ !

This series of pictures have all been done using Oil Pastels and in each one I have placed a Bench. Always the same bench but sometimes I’ve flipped it around to suit the angle of the scene. All the pictures in this series are from my imagination and are drawn to give maximum illusion to the perspective of the landscape around and create as much depth as possible in the small images. Hence the series title, ‘ “SCENE” From A Bench’ !