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skew crazy lap quilt (1)

Scrappy quilt 2# – why does the wind always catch the quilts just when I think I have it nailed for a pic?!!

As Easter weekend was destined to be miserable…(children had visited the weekend before-due to having their own plans for Easter itself) Dearest had a ”million and one” sport programs he ‘needed’ to watch (sigh!!)….I don’t eat chocolate….And, the weather forecast was dire ;-/….SO…what else..??… I chose toย dive back into my fabric off cut bag ๐Ÿ˜‰

So as not to bore you all with the same steps as the week previous quilt make, as it is seemingly almost the same (although these little squares of colour all start off surrounding a central skewed ‘square’)..see here..if you missed it/or interested…

skew crazy lap quilt (3)

A little close up of colours and form…I love the way the profile has raisedย by adding them to a cotton wadding backing when first making them, obviously helped even more by quilting around them ๐Ÿ˜‰

skew crazy lap quilt (4)

Simple hand quilting makes it even more hand made and special I think…so many hours and tiny stitches are worth it in the end


Some happy little scraps go a long way when put together!ย 

After two large lap quilts out of one carrier bag’s worth of tiny off cuts, my first notion of there being another 20 in there hiding awaiting discovery, is a complete underestimate!! I even feel there is more fabric in that bag now, than when I started, given adding off cuts from these two makes LOL ;-D I seriously feel I could spend the rest of my life just working from that bag….trouble is …I needed a refreshing change from seeing the same fabrics over and over again! So….. sneaked of to buy a few more new bits YAY… Already have plans for them, but, maybe it’s time for a little art therapy to recover from all the hand quilting ๐Ÿ˜‰