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Crazy lap quilt (1)

…..using up new, but, tiny off cuts of fabric…..

A little over a week ago, I finally tipped out my bags of leftover cotton fabrics, with full intent to use them ALL up in one project (how wrong I was on that though)!! I’d been keeping the bits quite orderly in separate colourway bags… but then….came face to face with this unruly scrappy looking pile………

Fabric offcuts

Somewhere….within, Β lay my next project Β  ;-0

Not daunted by their tiny sizes, my main concern was to make something with some kind of symmetry in the final finished piece, whilst also avoiding putting too much thought into choosing every single piece to go next to the last as I sewed, otherwise it would never get done….. So, I tipped the piles into a kind of colour ‘blob area’ next to the sewing machine, all within arms length, where I could just grab a piece randomly and stitch away wherever it would fit in and around the ‘crazy patchwork method’ I had decided to go with…. For some stability I decided also to stitch them onto some pre-cut small squares of cotton wadding, which I later trimmed back to neat 5.5” square

crazy pw squares

Things were definitely looking very colourful by nowΒ πŸ˜‰

For this project, I had made a pact with myself, Β and decided I wasn’t going to go and buy Anything!!!!….it would all have to be done from what I already had! So, I pickedΒ a lovely lime cotton print which seemed to keep the super colourful theme on track… after measuring to make sure there was sufficient to cut all the remaining squares I needed, I realised I would have just enough to bind too, if I pieced five lengths together Β πŸ˜€ ……Already doing a happy dance and I’d not even started sewing the squares together lol

Crazy lap quilt (2)

Once assembled into a large panel, I used lightweight synthetic wadding and added a cream cotton backing before hand quilting over the entire piece…

Crazy lap quilt (3)

….believing…’you can Never have too much colour!!’ … I added in a lovely bright blue around the border, which I think, added just the perfect balance to the whole look and completed by hand stitching down the lime binding Β πŸ˜‰

Crazy lap quilt (1)

Another cosy colourful creation completed!Β 

At 42” x 60” it’s the perfect size for a Snuggle snooze blanket/Lap quilt/A single bed topper…OR even a super picnic rug!

Crazy lap quilt (5)

I’m super happy with this little quilt which emerged from the scraps…. though, I still have issues with my left overs ;-/ Β Although I made 42 (5.5 x 5.5) squares…In the end, it didn’t even look as though I’d used any from the pile at all!! On that basis, I reckon there are at least another 20 quilts waiting to be ‘discovered’ in the scrap bag….better set to again then Β πŸ˜‰ !!