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Sewing Set Trio (1)

My way of dealing with those final little snippets of fabric remnants was…Ta Dah!!….A sewing accessory set! 😉 Super for a little gift, maybe in encouragement for a new sewer, or, for a cute quirky gift for a seasoned sewer?! It’s so bright and colourful, it’s sure not to get lost on their work table!! A quilt as you go set of; A patchwork needle case, pincushion and (most important to all crafters (…in my book at least!!) …A matching Mug Rug/Coaster!!! Who can work without a constant brew by their side??

Not to be defeated by throwing away the final last few scraps from my original quilt project (which to be honest would have been very easy to do after the past few weeks of hard work) I didn’t give in!!!!!!!… and mustered up this super bright,  colourful and useful little set instead! I’m now sooooooooo super happy with all the unique little makes from such a limited amount of fabric 🙂 Quite a mission but a great achievement, by, NOT adding to my remnant fabric stash YAY 😀

Sewing Set Trio (2)

Inside and reverses

sewins set pincushion

A close up of the quirky pincushion (not sure what the ghost image is on the pic??;-/) by hand stitching two small squares of fabric, starting with once corner pinned to the centre of one side of the other square and working round gives a great little shape and eight little points where I added a little bead as I stitched then stuffed it firmly for many good years of use!

Sewing Set Trio (3)

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Sewing Set Trio (4)

Now…moving swiftly on.. as well as devising many ways to use all my other bagged remnants….I have my next eight projects cut and ready for their offing! One of my best sellers on my little Etsy shop has been my unique handcrafted Posh Peg Pouches, bought by people  ALL over the World !! Either, for the customer themselves, or, for a unique quirky gift to cheer up someone’s wash day! Still a few available, but more on the way….watch out for the new 2017 collection!!!!