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I appear to have slipped back into ‘skew whiffy’ mode this past week or so  😉 Spurred on by the sale of my first ‘skew’ panel design quilt, over in my Etsy store, earlier last week. So, naturally, I hot footed it down to the local fabric store to see what goodies I could find for a new version…usually, any excuse to go fabric shopping, but!!!.. this was…a needs must!!

A new exciting colourway for my ‘skewed’ squares design lap quilts. After a manic rummage through the bottom level of fabric cottons in a display unit at the local fabric store, I’m sure the staff thought I was trying to make myself a little den/nest and move in…LOL…(in fact, thinking about that idea – what sheer heaven that would be?? and, just think about how much I would save in fuel travelling there and back??!)  Anyways, I meander…with age, that seems an increasing activity these days  😉

I had set off with a perfect menu of colours for the new quilt in my head…probably due to seeing most of them the last time I visited the store?! Though it’s very much a case of, buy it now !!!!…if you want it kind of store, as it may never make another appearance here again – which at the time I didn’t… as I was doing other projects..So, naturally of course, the colours I hoped for had gone 😦

I shall keep a look out for the colours I wanted every time I go in from now on, and hopefully will eventually accumulate them for a future version  🙂

The fabric, I had set out for, for this project, was brushed cotton/soft flannel to make a really soft cosy quilt again. The store selection on this visit, on the bottom shelf, was very sparse and threw up only a few lime green prints, a vibrant blue and a shadowed cream/lemon, a yucky mustard speckle and a dark bottle green too. Dismissing the mustard I plumped for two lime green prints, the dark bottle green, vibrant electric blue and the shadowed lemon/cream after remembering I had some small remnants of salmon pink flowered brushed cotton and some flowery blue too – how much?? I had no idea at the time…but, thought I could fudge them in somehow!

Having collected my chosen fabrics I then stood at the cutting desk.  ?????…????? Of course if you know me, I don’t work from patterns, just thoughts and ideas, plus, this kind of design is quite random, so, when asked..”How much do you want cutting?” Well, I quickly estimated and thought of a number for the lemon/cream, it being for the backing, borders and strips too….I estimated the finished quilt being approx 57 inches as of the one just sold, so asked for 60 inches PLUS 3/4 of a meter (that’s confusing in itself – though the cutter didn’t even flinch and measured out then snipped and ripped!) I decided on a metre of the blue as I wanted the big squares and strips, then 1/2 metres of the three greens

Boring as this may seem..it WAS a complete Guesstimate of perfection!! When I returned home to cut I wanted the warp for the long stretches of borders around the finished panels, so as not to twist out when sewing them in…AND OMG!! I had just ONE inch to spare between the two long borders = two borders halved = 1/4 inch play each end of the strips…YAY my planets lined up once again – Happy Dance!!

Lots of happy therapeutic stitching of skewed squares later, teamed with the electric blue panels and a complex work out of my limited salmon pink equated into some very vibrant patchwork panels…but a good three days of hard work and it’s ready, and now packaged, for a new loving home… 🙂skew-brush-cotton-quilt-5

I have just enough to make two matching little throw pillow covers, then who knows…???…maybe the cut scraps can be made into little mug rugs.. waste not want not….and create wondrous new things from bits and pieces…watch this space 😉