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Re-purposing T-towels into Pillowcases πŸ™‚Β 

Finally getting back on track…just before the month ends..so much disruption caused by introducing paint pots and the ‘good idea’ of redecorating throughout… At last I have access to my work space and computer back, so, time to catch up!! Our lovely daughter left me with a fun little project as she waved me goodbye after her stay with us at Christmas..”Mum…Please will you make these t-towels into pillowcases to match the ‘t-towel quilt we made a couple of years ago??..Thanks Mum!” WOW, was it really that long ago???and off she toddled… Now, I do remember making the quilt (couldn’t believe it was back in Sept 2014 though ;-/), which we did together, Β (see below)

Jen’s quilt!


My only requisite, was, to include as many of the same (or very similar fabrics, just the green had to be replaced with an alternative) to create a colourful border around the t-towel!! To my surprise I almost found all the very same fabrics, though there were only very small amounts left of each, even less of the purple cotton fabric, which would mean having an extra square in the colour run, rather than a border strip. Now all I had to do was sit down and give myself a maths lesson ;-( How many and what size squares/rectangles (yes rectangles to make up for the lack of width in one or two other colours, hopefully not too noticeable at the end) to make the border and what size to cut down the t-towels to???? With two t-towels to border I had to get this right first time as the limited fabric I had left of these colours just didn’t allow for a second chance PHEW…no pressure then ;-/


In my haste to sort out the fabricΒ colour’blocks’ (as I will refer to them despite their variations) I made a little error…of only measuring around the first t-towel scene, wrongly assuming…as it turned out HUMPFFF 😦 that this second t-towel image was printed ever so slightly smaller, I think my judgement assumed it was the same due to the fact that it is in a portrait rather than landscape picture! Excuses, excuses…yes I know… LOL…should have measured both!! It was only after I chopped off the bottom in line with the print line that I suddenly (and, thankfully) noticed the size difference….Arrghghgh, slight panic..If I chopped it down to the actual top print line, the whole size issue would raise it’s head again of fitting to a new overall measurement, so I had to add on a little of the white border


As you will see, not only did I work out the size of the t-towel, somehow, miraculously, I got a final complete run of colour blocks to go around evenly in number without extra in the repeat…Surely this meant all my planets had lined up that day :-D??? well initially YES, until…maybe one was out of line after I realised my simple misjudgement of the second t-towel

Having added some 2oz synthetic wadding to the square bordered panel and a backing sheet I hand quilted around the figures and then cross hatch quilted the rest of the panel, finally completing with cotton sheeting to create an envelope/pillowcase backing…


then I set to on the second t-towel repeating all steps, until…


Two cute little pillowcases to add to their snugly little quilt πŸ™‚