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As you can see…I carefully undid  (WELL…MORE RIPPED OPEN IN EXCITEMENT REALLY!!) the gifted Stitching Santa parcel I have been driven to distraction by, for the previous two weeks since it arrived, present! I was then greeted by a lovely happy snowman gift bag, which contained lots of lovely wrapped little parcels :-)…..eleven to be precise :-D!!  OMGoodness!! It’s such a long, long time since I received a parcel through the post with unknown contents, it certainly brought back the childhood excitement of Christmas YAY!

Having entered into the wonderful Stitching Santa Gift Swap, hosted by the lovely Sheila from Sewchet,  I wish to thank Sheila, for all her organisational skills and also for including me too this year! Today, was the day, I could finally unwrap my parcel!! The excitement and temptation over the past two weeks, since it arrived, has been almost unbearable…Let me say…I have not been at all disappointed by the lovely generous gifts inside sent to me by the lovely Margaret from https://thecraftycreek.com/  🙂


I have to confess!!! I was so excited…I completely forgot in the first instance to grab my camera as I was going along LOL…my first instinct was to open my card to see from whom I had been gifted, and learn of the lovely lady 🙂 then went full pelt into opening another two gifts in the full throws of giddy childhood excitement ~ how can you help yourself???! After opening my quilting pattern template..then, my beautifully handmade large clasp purse…I stopped myself…! I just had to share all this excitement ! OK! Where’s my camera??? Ah Ha, there it is….OK… now we can proceed 😉


Just look at this wonderful  lovingly handmade clasp purse, large enough to hold all my essential sewing tools to close hand (Apologies for the bad photos, though by the time I had chance to spend time on myself today…the sun had long since departed…and, flash was required!!) The brass clasp is so lovely, as is the finish too!! Fully lined as well in sewing themed fabric, it’s definitely earmarked to live on the shelf next to where I sit sewing, and can comfortably hold all my essential bits and bobs to make stitching life easier!! As If that isn’t enough the Lovely Margaret also included as a gift, a fab gifting tool…designed to ease out/turn out fiddly little projects/elusive lying threads and difficult turn through projects…how have I lived without this little wonder tool??


Can I just explain LOL…I found my camera….SO, there was no reason for me to hold back…”get on in there girl”, I thought…So, I did!! Two weeks remember, TWO WHOLE WEEKS OF WAITING (but, my, was it worth it…?? Oh Yes indeed!!) as you can see …I could no longer restrain myself…by this stage ironing a table cloth for presentation or shifting the debris had gone right out of the window…so intent was I to see my mystery gifts!! 😀


Oh My Word…I AM Sparkling this Christmas! Just as my card says 😉 How lucky am I?!! Such beautiful handmade and thoughtful gifts!! All I can Say is a huge Thank You To Margaret! She must know how much I love buttons! How much I need help with such a great little tool…that I am on the end of an awful cough cold with the lovely handmade tissue  holder The Pin cushion jar will be sooooo helpful! The ribbon labels can be affixed to all new projects, including the ones I will devise for the lovely fabrics and covered buttons! My family Christmas tree is all the happier for it’s new button decoration ( LOL, I actually sent my recipient two similar decorations made from vintage buttons with a little bell attached too!) I shall have much fun, trying to follow a fabric pattern, as most may know… ALL previous projects are done from my head alone! BUT!!!!!!!!….I have always wanted my very own set of long pins, but have never ever invested(sad, but true) I can’t wait to use my new pin wheel set!! Thank You so Much Margaret 🙂