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Some Seasonal handmade fabric gifts to add to my Stitching Santa’s gift box

A couple more quirky fabric giveaways for the recipient of my Lovely Lady in the ‘Stitching Santa’ Swap…hosted by the lovely Sheila from Sewchet

Using Fabric off cuts, with a lovely festive feel, holly and berries, I made a pair of figure hugging outfits for the lovely… Crisp & Fruity little number as well as her Rich and Spicy friend!

Even if my lovely lady doesn’t take a tipple, I hope they will stylishly decorate her festive table, before she gives them away!

The holly fabric has been hemmed both ends, then the neck end gathered to fit. A piece of hessian has been stitched and turned, before being frayed carefully to form a little rustic shawl. A little ribbon has also been encompassed before adding a decorative pair of wooden painted flower buttons. Finally a little round of felt and matching fabric have been stitched and turned out to form a little hat/mop cap, also with matching flower button…They look quite a pair in amongst the ‘fluffy snow’;-D

You know what??? I think I am actually ready with all my bits and bobs for my Lovely Lady’s gift 🙂  I’ve purchased six items for EXACTLY £10.00, then acquired two more with free vouchers = 8 shop derived items! Then, I have made seven individually handmade items, PLUS a handmade card = 8 also! So, hopefully, the 16 little combined gifts will bring a happy smile from Stitching Santa!!

With nervous excitement all that remains is…to box, parcel and send!!