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”Forgotten dreams of Crimson”….Shifting Scenes ~ from my series of ‘Forgotten dreams’ in Cubism Style Abstract  Doodle Art

For one reason or another, I seem to have had a good  few Cubism Art sales just recently…not at all complaining of course!! I’ve never been one to blow my own trumpet, but!!!!,  was completely blown away by a wonderful review on my Etsy Sale site this morning by a lovely gentleman who recently acquired this Original piece, and another purchased soon after, on it’s way to him as I type!!!

My review, which can also be viewed on my Etsy site


…….”Caren is one of the most brilliant artists in the world! And yet this piece was affordable and professionally packaged! I continue to be amazed by the quality of her work! I have already bought another piece that I now expect in the mail! Truly exceptional. Qualities of compositional balance with top-rate originality as well, a very rare combination. I don’t want others to buy the best of her abstract works as I would like to buy them myself, but I hope her work improves in value over time! Being somewhat poor, I’m not sure I will always afford her work, but hopefully my income will improve as the prices go up, and I’ll be able to collect more of her work and other expert Hyper-Cubists. She’s a prime example of a brilliant Hyper-Cubist. Nearly without flaw, well beyond most of my work. I only resent she’s not more hyperprolific.”……

How lovely was that to wake up to this morning??!! I reckon sewing should recommence early 2017….and I should get out some paper and pencil crayons out asap LOL