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I’m pleased to introduce; Daphne, Simon and little Sydney!!  I think you’ll agree??…They are certainly a very happy looking trio ;-D !!


Sydney was my first ever attempt at glazing pottery (If I had known where we were going for my birthday surprise ~ I would have taken my glasses!) Still, holding him at arms length …to focus whist painting …..I kind of nearly got his eyeballs in…personally, I think it gives him a little character along with his very toothy grin 😉

Today, I finally got to collect my fired pottery!! A couple of weeks ago our lovely daughter organised a little surprise morning out for my **th Birthday! As it turned out, she had booked us a couple of seats in a pottery painting studio, not something I would have ever guessed!

On arrival at the Pottery, the lovely owner, Carol,  asked us to select, from a huge assortment of pottery figures, something we would like to glaze. Whilst I picked three little ones, as we had about 2/3 hours in the studio, my daughter picked a stack of four turtles, very cute, but, a mammoth ask to glaze in that time, especially as it required three very good coats over the entire piece! We picked our glaze colours  grabbed some brushes and set too! Sadly, lovely daughter didn’t finish her turtle stack…which means we will get to go again next time she is visiting…YAY 😉 However, as you will have seen, I did manage to finish all three, I’ve been so excited over the past few weeks wondering how they would turn out after they were fired?? I can definitely say, I’m thrilled to bits with the results 😀


A little close up of Simon!! I love the speckles in the glaze!


Daphne is sooo Cute! 


Even the backs are perfect too! On picking them up, I got high praise for my first glazing attempt from the lovely owner, Carol 🙂


My terrific little trio are now happily installed in the living room! A fantastic morning out, fun, relaxing and very therapeutic definitely need a revisit soon 😉