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A Unique Boucle Shoulder Bag and Cosmetic Pouch Set

Whilst crafting away on the lovely Shoulder bag above, my Dearest happened to pass by as I was attempting to turn the long handle, by no means an easy feat!!…given the thickness of fabric and narrow two inch wide gap to send the 30 or so inches through. At some point in my concentration and brute force, I seem to remember hearing, ”…trying to lay an egg love??…” To be fair laying a whole clutch of them would have been easier!! But persistence paid off in the end 😉 LOL…That, and having just cleared the local haberdashery of all their large D Rings meant I just needed to make another little bag set!

The quite conservative exterior, gives way, to…a blast of happy, stripy colour inside. All fully lined, even the internal zipped pocket! So, makes for a perfect shoulder bag and pouch set!


Sandwiching synthetic wadding between the boucle and stripy cotton fabric gave a lovely soft, hand quilting effect, with just enough texture to make the bag even more interesting

After finding a couple of super large buttons during my haberdashery scouting trip, I couldn’t resist, and, found it matched perfectly in colour to the pink and black polka dot cotton fabric I had in my stash…something about spots and striped shouldn’t be together??!! Anyone else remember their mother drilling that info to them at a young age?? Anyways, I set about creating a large turned boucle flower to applique as the central feature with the button being used to anchor all in place. After adding the internal zipped pocket, to form three main compartments, and the small open pocket, perfect for keys and the like, and a magnetic clasp, I then added the polka dot binding before joining all together with the lined matching gusset, which also houses the D Rings for the long shoulder strap. Once all the hand stitching was completed and the binding turned back, some small left over pieces of fabric made their transition into a little cosmetic pouch, also with a little turned through boucle flower detail and simple stud fastener.


Soft Quilted loveliness…Bursting with… ‘Happy Colours’!!

What a wonderful way to brighten your day! Every time you open up into the colourful interior, gives a happy boost to the day!…Or, is that just me??!?


The simplicity of the reverse, though, still showing up the gentle hand quilting texture effect.


Lots of love, lots of hand sewing and all at a super amazing promotion price !! Packaged and ready for shipping!! It would make a lovely unique gift for someone special perhaps?! As The Festive Season, creeps ever closer….. take advantage of my Etsy Shop limited discount voucher code …….!!!!

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Okay!! I only have another 16 D Rings left!!…Wonder what will be next then?? Maybe I will have to shelve my bag designing for a week or so, as I get to grips with a commissioned meter high gigantic stocking 😉