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Ewe, Me and Mini me!!

After a couple of weeks of battling against technology, with a ”hissy fitting” monitor on a mission to try and give me an epileptic fit from it’s strobe flashing effects…many visits to and fro to see our lovely children around the UK….celebrating somewhat of a landmark birthday ~ very quietly..almost to the point of ignoring it even happened LOL ~ I eventually got back into my stride πŸ˜‰ A new design and a few cute little appliqued sheep, happened into a lovely shoulder bag and cosmetic pouch set!


Unique Cute and Quirky, but…..It’s perfect as an every day bag/tote, all fully lined, three large compartments for organising, the centre one having a full width zip and a little add on pocket for keys, or the like! With a little of the wool tweed fabric left over after cutting out my pattern, it was put to good use as a matching, simple, fully lined cosmetic pouch ~ plenty of room to house a lippy/liner/mascara etc…


Having added a 100% cotton interlining, I hand quilted the outer layers to it, before adding the striped cotton lining for a little extra touch of handmade. Once the gusset and the binding was added to all pieces, an awful lot of hand stitching completed the look. Time and patience was definitely worth the three days work to see the finished set!


A quick look at the back to check..YUP!! just as neat as the front ~ minus the little ‘sheepies’ of course πŸ˜‰


Only one thing left to do….package, ready for shipping! I do hope my little ‘sheep in boots’ set finds a loving home πŸ˜‰

Whilst I had an amazing birthday, organised by my lovely daughter….incorporating a surprise class, glazing pottery no less, something I’ve never done before!…then, on to an evening out at our favourite Indian restaurant ~ so lovely!….I’ve definitely decided…I’m not going to celebrate again till I get a card from the reigning monarch of the time LOL That way, I can pretend that I’m not getting any older for quite a whileΒ  ;-D