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clock  fabric origami bag (5)

Big Tote:……. ”So…Got the time on You, Little One?? Something tells me……You are just short of the eleventh hour…….!!”                                                                                                                                 Little Pouch:……. ”Yup, reckon I’ve been clocked just before my time ran out!! Isn’t it amazing how time can alter a face ~ every second counts…good job YOU seem to be keeping an eye on that!!                                                                                                                                                  Big Tote:……….”I’ve heard that ‘crazy woman’ has been making all sorts of things with fabric ~ not to mention a whole new bunch of guys like us for her little shop! Fancy, Leaving us laid open with all our inner workings on show ~ Really!! There was a time when more respect was on hand!!”                                                                                                                                        Little Pouch:……….”Sounds like you are revving up to a right old ticking off?! Hope she remembers to wrap our tassel ‘taches  behind our button noses before she packs us up ready for shipping….. Such a simple solution to securing ~ ingenious!”                                                               Big Tote:………” I got a sneaky glimpse of where we’re to be placed in the storage area…right between the ‘Note worthy’ Music Fabric Origami Tote ~ you know he even has bells in his ears, he can jingle a proper little tune without a doubt!!…..AND, the Polka Dot Pigs version!!! I’ve heard the padded Piggy Sow Purse was blown away, realising she had a matching ‘mini-me’ padded piglet pouch…Awww!!” Not to mention the ever adored owls version next but one in the box………check them out if you can!”                             Little Pouch:………”You know…I feel proper proud to be presented as a premier to our crafty creator’s comeback….hope we land in a loving home soon…only time will tell (sigh)…!”                                 

brown check origami bag (1)

”Check out my eight pockets ~ we all have them…big or small! ” Quite curious creations ~ Unique Quirky AND quite a conversation starter!!

polka dot pig bag (1)

Polka Dot Piggy Proudness ~ and padded piglet too! Handmade with love, eight pocket origami fabric folded tote and matching make up/cosmetic pouch

musical note tote (1)

OOOO!!!! I’m here…                                                                                                                                        ‘she’ managed not to forget to include me in her creative comeback!! ~ YAY!! Musical madness prevails….no mini me version, but, I’m perfect as a stand alone eye catcher. Any music student would love me to bits…AND…I have eight pocket to carry all their bits!

Thank you to many who have encouraged me to get back to posting ;-D and for their lovely comments too!! I may have taken my time, but I hope it’s worth the wait??

A busy time with family,  life, and, lots of crafting has seen me get a little lazy on sharing what I’ve been up to of late! Even though I’ve not been visible as such, I’ve still managed to keep up and enjoy what others are up to on the reader 🙂 So, back out of semi-retirement, I’m putting together three short posts, this being the first, to show what my needles and threads have come up with lately……hope you enjoy…..;-)