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Treasure Island Washday pb (1)

Continuing my quest to make ever more,Β even quirkier, unique Peg Bags….My week started here! After considering where I would most like to take my washing in order to get it dry ~ having no electric dryer (living in the dark ages and all that) I considered it would be very cool to set off in my orange short set and matching hat to a remote, very deserted desert Island to watch my whites waft in the wind!! Hand drawn , cut and appliqued novelty Peg Bag ~ check out my Etsy Shop for more quirky items and gift ideas!

On a little roll of creativity, I got, interjected with…an urgent request from a lovely lady in the UK…..Could I make her…..An Origami folded fabric tote in the ‘little owl’ fabric, the same as I had made my little 8 pocket pouches???? But, Of Course!! I even gave her the option of a bespoke lining colour and wadding effect!! No sooner had I had her reply, I was racing off to the fabric store ~ before it closed to buy the requested colour – Duck Egg Blue!!

Owl fabric origami tote (1)

Received request…Sourced Fabric…Produced the next day….Listed for sale…and sold!…all within two days ~ shipped… and my lovely lady received it the day after ~ what a turn around in under 96 hours!!! My lady was so please I received this little note…….

I absolutely love my new tote and pouch 😊
Thank you it’s very well made and is already in use
It is definitely a talking point
I will remember you in the future for more purchases and recommend you to friends and family
Kind regards…

A wonderful result to make a creative crafter very happy!!!

Whilst on my jolly jaunt to source the Duck Egg Blue, I succumbed to purchase a little ‘Scottie’Β Print cotton fabric as well ~ couldn’t resist! SO…

Scottie Fabric origami tote set (2)

And then…..

Scottie duck egg bag (1)

Another ‘plumped’ up version…using some more of the Duck Egg Blue cotton fabric for the lining………….


If you want a conversation starter…this is a good starter!!

Moving swiftly through the rest of my week…………

Owl Burgundy Origami Tote (3)

IΒ hadΒ enough ‘Owl’ fabric left to then combined it with a rich burgundy cotton for the lining for another unique tote creation….check it out……….


Peg Doll Pink Cottage (1)

back to where I was eventually in the week….Peg Bags ( with included Peg Doll creations for a lovely unique feature)

Red roof cottage Peg Doll pb

…Do you know how difficult it is to fashion Peg Dolls with full length Culottes ??? LOL ~ wish my garden was that tidy btw!!!


Ducks daisys pb (1)

Another little cutie ~ I hope the little fluffy at the back can keep up!!!?!!!

Owl Skewed Mat Set (1)

A change of direction from the previous week’s makes…. having some ‘owl’ fabric left over from the commission and a selection of 8 inch squares hanging around for no apparent reason ~ I combined the two ~ into a simply colourful duo Place Mat Set…


…on a ‘skewed’ roll again, rounded my week off πŸ˜‰


Rustic coaster set (4)

Enter a caption


Ok!!! I reckon tomorrow is a sewing day off after that week of creativeness πŸ˜‰ perhaps a little weeding is in order ;-/ ???