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Meerkat pb (1)

Too Cute! ‘A Meerkat moment’….Even I have fallen in love with this little Posh Peg Pouch…. πŸ˜€

Even if I sewed for ”26” hours per day for the next 92 years…I would never be able to use up all the fabrics I have accumulated (plus, of course, I always need to buy more ~for new little projects when I don’t have the right ‘stuff’)Having some larger pieces than others, sometimes it is a case of ‘patch-working’ piecesΒ together, as in this fully lined unique little peg bag. The colours were just perfect for the little project, but, the fabric was just too short one way, so, I machine stitched Β the little extra needed to create the full lining in readiness for these ‘sooooooooper’Β cute little felt applique ‘Meerkats’. All the pieces have been hand drawn (as ever) then, cut and hand stitched into place creating a very unique novelty peg bag. Adding a few little buttons for ”flowers” completes this design…..Of course I can never stop at just one new design ….so,

cheeky monkeys pb (2)

A ”cheeky monkey” peg bag (with the cool new painted wooden hangers I recently bought for these new projects) Just…who has a ”cheeky monkey” peg bag?? ~ Exactly πŸ˜‰ One of a kind designs!

Little pups peg bag (2)

Getting carried away by cuteness…after being recently commissioned to make a little peg bag with a dog design for a lady in Oz, of her own little ‘Furbaby’ I decided I should add a little canine creation to my line of unique peg bags, so here is the ”little pups” Posh peg pouch for 2016 πŸ™‚

More cute quirky designs in progress!! πŸ˜‰