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Custom Monkey Quilt (1)

Where on earth does time go….???? ……..Even on a very grey day, this little patchwork and applique quilt certainly brightens up the garden !

Since last posting, just what have I been up to???? Well, lots of things ~ plus, a few out of the norm activities too….my world has been somewhat shaken and stirred of late ;-/ in between many new crafty creations!!

Around Ester time, I was dragged (kicking and screaming onto an aeroplane after 15 years of avoidance… on the grounds of health and safety,  lol – much better to have your feet on land than the base of an aeroplane I think..but, in necessity and eagerness to meet lovely new in-laws in Serbia  (after the marriage of our daughter to our new son-in law) it was a must 😉 Meeting our new extended family was wonderful! Though, having flown back into the UK in the wake of storm Katie, flying is definitely not on my agenda again any time soon! The plane seemingly hit a thousand and one ”potholes” on it’s roller-coaster style approach in the sky, as we circled the London Eye at least seven times waiting to land!! Very scary, even for seasoned travellers ;-/

Just before leaving for the trip, I was commissioned to do a little lap sized handmade cotton quilt for the grandson of a special, dear friend in the US 🙂 My lovely friend Jackie! She asked if I could make a patchwork quilt for her little grandson?? YAY.. Of course! I was super excited!!!!! Especially having  been given free reign once again by Jackie, to create something unique. My only brief for the project …’Monkeys’ !!! I could choose all the fabrics, colours and design…WOW!!! Where should I start??

Pencil and paper at the ready, I sketched out some cheeky little monkeys. I wanted to make sure the background design was very simple so the blanket could grow with the little guy it was intended for, maybe even passed down to future generations !!

Finally, I went for a large geometric pin-wheel/triangle background to represent the jungle in different shades of green cotton fabrics, along with creating some large cotton fabric ‘jungle leaves’ which I appliquéd around the monkeys . Adding some more primary colours, bright red and blue borders, I think, made it feel more masculine too. The little monkeys are all made from super soft cotton flannel and backed with 100% super soft cotton too! In fact, All the applique pieces have been cotton backed, turned and then hand stitched into place, so, they will never fray! Following the jungle theme I added in a little cotton parrot and a couple of cute, crazy looking frogs 😉 A quilt designed and made to last!

Custom Monkey Quilt (3)

A little close up of the hand-stitched parrot, monkey and a cute, crazy frog, ironed folded and  packaged ready for shipping.

Custom Monkey Quilt (2)

I know Grandma (Jackie) and mum are super happy with it…YAY! A little snippet from Jackie’s e-mail after receiving her parcel…

{Hi Caren,

The quilt was delivered safely and I couldn’t be more pleased! It looks even better than the photo you sent.
 As soon as I can I will write a review in etsy. *:) happy
Again, thank you for the quilt! I hope you have a great week. 
Take care and I’ll talk to you soon. xx *&gt;:D< big hug }
Thank You so much Jackie!! It was a lovely little project and very exciting to be given another commission by you  (though always a little scary to have free reign) I’m so glad you love the finished quilt!!) I know you will see this post at some point ;-)It was my absolute pleasure to create another unique little art quilt for you and your little grandson!
Maybe in the future as Jackie’s little grandson gets older, he will give each of the little monkeys a name 🙂 Meanwhile, I hope he has many, many happy little naps and sweet dreams under the colourful quilt 🙂