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Peppy 130216 10.5 yrs

Is there no peace and quiet to be had around here???

I know she tries her best, poor dear, but, I swear all the worrying about a huge family gathering is making her hair greyer by the day – starting to look like a faded felt tip in action, if you ask me! Sooooo much cleaning and preps have gone into making a perfect day to ‘Post Celebrate’ daughter’s wedding to new Son-in-Law in her home town with nearest and dearest not at the Wedding……ALL THAT I COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD (and, was willing to put up with)……….BUT THEN…….?!

OMGoodness what now??? Her frail and problematic laptop had apparently given it’s last breath…after another loud electrostatic crack   =-(   She frantically raced around the house wondering what to do next..????????..I followed obediently, getting ever more excited…as we constantly passed my treat drawer ;-/! Though, she just wasn’t for stopping (especially where I wanted her to) I think hysteria was powering her batteries??! A technophobic moment was in full, flapping swing…even knowing two technical ‘whizzkids’ (Daughter and Son-in-Law)were on their way up to northern territories couldn’t calm her!!

On their arrival(my tail was like a mini helicopter blade with excitement) then, there was much hugging and talk of their Indian Honeymoon adventures…before, she collapsed into a heap about the laptop issues! Much to my amusement, and, relief they dragged her off the get a new computermabob-thingy-do all-whatsit! Heaven!!!! Peace and quiet at last.. 😀

And, here was little ‘ole me thinking I’d had the problem of a mad woman solved !!..especially when they returned with a big, new, chewable box….  :-D……..How wrong can assumption be?

As things unfolded and got ‘plumbed in’ to reinstate her to the internet….she then had to combat… WINDOWS TEN !!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrghghghhgh (a seemingly huge jump from the seven version) So!!! Here I am, taking cover under my (ever comforting) puppy blankets until she masters things once more…at least all the fluffiness drowns out her wailing a bit! Here’s hoping, preps, panic and pandemonium are soon in the past and her productivity prevails… 😉