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8 skewed mats

Some of you may remember me mentioning four new fabrics I had bought before Christmas, and,  was itching to get my hands on??!…well, this last week I let rip with my rotary cutter….and commenced stitching (did my life depend on it???…well you would have thought so if you’d seen me beavering away ;-/  LOL, Like a woman possessed!!)…Today, I finally finished the first of my New Modern Dining Range, Table Place Mats  & A Runner, with my ”Skewed Squares Design” 😉 

From four lovely new fabrics…to….A stylish new range of Every Day Kitchen/Dining Place Mats AND A Runner too!  Lovingly handmade and crafted with care 🙂


4 new fabrics

I selected four cotton print fabrics three with a print pattern  and one lovely blue (with a slight shadow effect) which picks up so well on the tinges of blue dotted throughout the brown mottled piece, bringing them all together perfectly

From the width of the fabrics, I chopped inch and a quarter strips, arranging them around a central skewed square and repeated the colour process until I got to my desired ten and a half inch square panel. This then allowed for accurate trimming back to a perfect ten inch square. A layer of 100% cotton wadding was then sandwiched behind the little panel and a plain cream backing, before I hand quilted around several of the concentric skewed squares to fix together. Next, I chopped a 2.5 inch strip of the tiny flower print fabric to double over and bind each one, all with a hand stitched finish. To compliment the Place Mats I added in four,  4.5 inch square matching fabric Coasters/Mug Rugs to create a unique Eight Piece Set.

As they all have a cotton wadding layer, they are so easy to wash and iron without worrying about flattening the quilting, and, will look as good as new after every laundry day 😉 !!

scued table runner fr

So, as I had bought more than enough of the four fabrics, I decided I would also make a matching Table Runner. Repeating the process by making three eleven inch squares and two ‘skewed’ triangle ends for a bit of extra quirkiness 🙂


Having made the three main panels, in the same way as the place mats,  I then used 1.5 inch strips of the brown print fabric to join them all together, trimmed it back to a neat finished size of 10.5  x  47 inches before completing with a binding to match the Place Mat Set.


Now, having cleared my table, the next exciting thing I need to do…..IS…inspect my newly gifted stash of brand new fabrics given to me by my daughter(such a lovely girl!), masses of fat quarters and lengths of gingham prints, so many goodies she had amassed but never got around to doing anything with ;-/ She just couldn’t let them linger unused any more and asked if I wanted them?????? As if I would say No!!!! LOL