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Peppy and new toys 190116 (4-1)

OMGoodness!!!!!! Look what mum brought back from her bargain sale shopping spree today………..A super soft Giraffe and a Pink fluffy Unicorn… JUST FOR ME  😀  I was so excited I insisted on a BFF photo  ❤  ❤  ❤

When mum went shopping this morning, I sloped off into my bed to wait, having no idea what she would return with??? When she came back later, laden with carrier bags …my eyes were drawn instantly to the one overstuffed bag, which had four fluffy legs flailing from the top , as she set them down on the worktop, my excited squeaking couldn’t be contained. nor could my wagging tail!! I just knew it was something for me ;-D After all, I’ve never seen her put a thing like that into the fridge or cupboard before!!

After being introduced, first to my new Unicorn friend, then Giraffe, I was even more surprised to get…..a new tennis ball too YAY :-D….. though, for some reason it gave me ‘restless leg syndrome’ ;-/ After almost an hour of trotting back and forth around the house with it in my mouth, mum decided to remove it, for some peace and quiet 😦 I suppose there is only so much trit-trotting she can put up with, listening to my eight excited claws pacing over wooden and tiled floors?! Still, I have my new friends, I did wonder if my two ‘big doggies’ could be in on the picture???..and searched  for them everywhere???….but, mum tells me, they  suddenly left on a bin vacation ;-/