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Origami button faced  pouches

Is it just me??? Or, does it look like someone just asked them…”WHO DONE IT?!” I can almost imagine them whistling as they look around and everywhere, except straight at you!

Okay, it looks like I have that same issue still in 2016! Stopping at just one – ISN’T POSSIBLE ;-/ But, I do think they are really cute! Though, tomorrow is definitely time for new ventures for my Etsy shop, after all, I can’t just fill it with cute quirky storage pouches. Though, of course, they would be perfect if you had lots of tiny, weeny little orphaned kangaroos 😉 OMGoodness!… you could nurture 8 different sized ones at the same time

Having bought four lovely new pieces of coordinating fabrics just days before Christmas (then, having cleared my studio to make room for family gatherings) the thought of it has been gradually burning a hole in my brain ever since! Singeing thoughts of what I could make with it at first, then, determining I will have plenty left over after it has been made into it’s original ‘purchased for’ idea, the smouldering continued… eventually becoming a vast hole, now filled with little ideas…..Mind you, as the sales are still on, four new fabrics might not be enough after all LOL 😀

Now, do I really need to sleep tonight??? Or, shall the crafting begin now ;-)?! More on the new projects coming soon!!