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caterpillar pegbag
Colourful, characterful and designed to be different!

Each and every peg bag I make has been drawn by hand, cut by hand and then lovingly hand stitched over many hours, just to add cheer and fun to wash/laundry day to all you folks out there!

With open season on the dining room table…what I really mean is… now Christmas is over, the conservatory is MINE !! Let the crafting seriously begin!!!!!!!

OMGoodness πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’m in my element, making such a mess as I create new little Peg Bags. There is so much fabric and felt adorning my table I may have to resort to sunglasses, even with the depressing days outdoors.

A couple of days and much sewing has resulted in….

TS peg bag

Washday at Toadstool town….

apple bug peg bag

And, A cheeky little ‘Apple Bug’ with of course, a few little buttons thrown in for pleasure! Making Peg Bags means lots of routing through my button collections…Happy Days!! πŸ™‚

More on the way soon πŸ˜‰