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If you have wondering where most of my time has been spent???? Then I shall enlighten you…OMGoodness …Tablesets have been an absolute must this year apparently!!! I did a little set for my Etsy shop, which were snapped up, then, the purchaser kindly commissioned a few more!! 🙂 …Then, a 24 piece set was made, as pictured, for my Mother and Father-in law for their Christmas present – even a set of twelve mats and coasters may not be enough for the growing family….. ;-/ My time has been so taken up, I even forgot to edit the picture from the surrounding chaos !!


A few mats more…. commissioned for extra guests!

If that wasn’t enough…then my daughter decided it would be ‘lovely’ to have a set of sixteen ready in time for her Wedding Dinner at her flat after the Ceremony….okay I can accept a few more grey hairs for that, no problem! So, with a ”skewed theme” to match her décor, below are a good few more days of my life accounted for (please bear in mind all the hand quilting for these too)…………. 😉


You know what this means though…I’m about to become a Mother-in-Law ;-/