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''Lurking in the bushes''

”Lurking in the bushes”

'Dapple Shaded Poppies' It would seem my oil paints and brushes have finally had their dust blown off of them! Two days ago, after clearing and cleaning, like a possessed mad woman, my fabric workspace was eventually reverted back into a painting studio. Rummaging around, I found a dozen oil canvas panels, earmarked for a project a while back, so thought instead of that, I would get my rusty painting arm going again on the little 14 x 11 inch boards.  Nature and my garden provided just the right inspiration...nestled right at the foot of our Holly tree! With a little help from the sun through the dappled shade I captured the pretty scene on camera fourwild orange Poppies in amongst the holly leaves. Now I have to think what can go on the other eleven canvases ??? ;-)

‘Dapple Shaded Poppies’

Mounted and ready for shipping as is My Original Oil on canvas  'Dapple shaded poppies'

Mounted and ready for shipping as is My Original Oil on canvas
‘Dapple shaded poppies’

Dapple shaded poppies mounted

Dapple shaded poppies mounted

Time for a happy dance…get the clogs on!! Some may remember??…way,way,way back in May of this year I did ten Oil paintings on 14 x 10 inch canvas panels?! Only today have these two, actually dried out ;-/!! But, even just behind a mount, they were worth the wait! 😉 Glad I wasn’t holding my breath though – note to self……”add some white in future!! as it dries out much quicker mixed with other pigments”