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''LOSTINTHOT'' Designer Custom Order  36'' x 48'' lap quit

Personalised Designer Custom Order 36” x 48” Lap Quit. Especially designed and handmade for my Dear Friend Jackie! I tried to capture all the feelings and emotions within the handmade appliquéd lady of Jackie herself ‘lostinthot’ within nature and also added a couple of ”Flutterbies” and her loving cat too!


YAY! I am so pleased to be able to share with you all, (Thank you for the permission Jackie!) a post about one of the commissioned custom order lap quilts, which has just been given full seal of approval,  by my lovely, Dear friend, Jackie! 🙂 Jackie has a couple of brilliant sites here on WordPress, which I follow avidly, her photographic work is absolutely stunning and I urge you all to pop over and have a look through her wonderful archives                                http://iamlostinthot.wordpress.com/about/

Jackie’s more recent WordPress site, Fun with Filters, has some amazing artistic effects placed over the original images, this is a link to one of my favourites        http://iamlostinthot2.wordpress.com/2014/05/26/iphone-snap-steampunk-hummingbird-v-2/     though to be honest, all her images are my favourites, it was hard to choose, but I decided on this one! 🙂

Firstly, I want to Thank Jackie immensely, for commissioning me to design and make her two (36” x 48”) custom order quilts! Not only that, but with trusting me completely, with all the design ideas, fabrics and colours, she really was in the dark from placing the order to seeing the final finished product, in both cases!

Jackie,  asked me to make a lap quilt for her cherished, two year old granddaughter with ‘Elephants’ as the theme and one for herself, with full free reign!!! Wow! I was sooo excited and a little scared too, what if she didn’t like them? But, thankfully, Jackie absolutely loved them both when they arrived in the US yesterday! 🙂  In fact, I have taken this ‘quote’ directly from her email,

”They look even better than they did in the pictures – your work is superb!!!” 

I was very very happy, as you can see, 🙂 🙂 :-)!!! Though, to be fair, my photography does leave a lot to be desired!

It was a fantastic opportunity for me and I loved every minute, from the first pencil sketch design to buying whatever palette of colours I chose, making all the double layered,  ‘turned out’, applique pieces,  right through to the very last quilting stitch!

Thank You so much again Jackie, for giving me the creative craft challenge 🙂

YAY!!!  I have just received another commission custom order, after my client saw your two designs! – my portfolio of lap quilt designs is set for an increase, again – this time as a Wedding gift!  🙂