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Little owls lapquilt

Little owls lap quilt

After scratching my head over what to get my mum for her birthday, I decided I would make her a little day quilt for those afternoon naps she has in her chair, she says she only has then due to boredom – nothing to do with her age of course!

If only, I had thought to do it sooner though, with just over a week until her birthday, I really didn’t know if I would finish it in time???   So, decision made, I set off like the clappers. rummaging for a suitable centre for my simple patchwork squares. Aha! then I remembered, the half yard of little owl fabric! Hmmmmm!…now, where did I put it though…..? I looked at my stack of fabric boxes which are sorted by colour….but the little owls had many colours, so….which colour did I file them under??? (Mental note!- Get another box for things like this!!!) Again, I looked at the boxes stacked two deep floor to ceiling…and sighed…as I started  pulling them down one by one for the search of the little folded piece of fabric! After much box rifling, and rebuilding the stack behind me, I eventually found it….in the purple box!-third to last!! -Aaaargh!!! Now, I had to re-stack them all back again in their rightful place – but, not before collecting coordinating fabrics for the rest of the quilt.

As ever, no pattern involved,  just a matter of a ‘go for it’ approach, which I seem to have with all the quilts I have made so far. After cutting the little owl squares, I got the matching material which coordinated with the different colours on the owls and set about slicing and dicing, then, systematically built the tiny owl squares into larger ones, after connecting the pink border strips, it was ready for hand quilting. The last thing to do was to add the polka dot turquoise binding. “Et voilà !” Finished a day before I needed to be as well! I was pretty please with my eight days work – another unique crafty creation!

And, Yay! My mum loved her surprise Birthday present – I have been informed it has had a nap test too! 🙂