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Well fancy meeting you here! Are you new too?

Dormouse…”Well, it’s nice meeting you here!”                                                               Pig…”Are you new too?”                                                                                             Dormouse… ‘ Yeah! I seem to have arrived here from nowhere!!!”                                   Pig…”I know what you mean, Me too!”                                                                   Dormouse…”Nice sofa though”                                                                               Pig… ”And, Tidy!”                                                                                                 Dormouse…”Yeah! I bet she never points the camera over there though!” And definitely not over there!!”                                                                                               Pig…”Or there and there either!!!”                                                                 Dormouse…”Wonder if there will be even more of us on here soon?”                         Pig…”Who knows?!? Suppose, we’ll have to wait and see!”                                     Dormouse…”Did you see that great site on the computer screen before? There are a couple others like us too?!?”                                                                             Pig…”You mean, https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/carenscanvasandcraft     Dormouse…”’That’s the one!”                                                                                       Pig…” looks like a colourful place to hang out for a while!”                                         Dormouse…”I reckon, its a starting point to a new……… future!!!”

After spending last week making lots of little things and a lot of mess, I thought I would change it around – make big things and, well,  less mess (Well, in theory, perhaps!)

These two new characters are made from my own pattern creations using some fabulous new fabrics I found at my favourite store, and, after tidying my ribbons I managed to find just the right ones to coordinate with both new little characters. The pink pig wool mix fabric has a tiny green line running through, (which doesn’t show up very well here) but the little neck ribbon bow matches it perfectly. Likewise, for the dormouse, made from such super soft cotton flannels, I also managed to find the perfect match of ribbons to pick up on the floral inner ears. As ever The trim at the base gave me the perfect excuse to add some decorative coordinating buttons! How could I be happier?!?

As, with all my new range of Doorstop Dumpies, they are now shippable,Worldwide! You might be able to see their little fancy zips at their bases, just sticking out? When they arrive at their new homes, the new owner simply has to unzip, pull out the stuffed cotton bag, remove the temporary ‘stuffing fluff’ and replace with some weighting element, grit/stone/sand or the like, place it into the little cotton bag, zip up, replace in the Doorstop Dumpy and refasten the base zip, A perfect ‘ONE OF A KIND’ character Doorstop Dumpy ready to hold open your door! YAY!