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''Button Buddy'' Owls

”Button Buddy” Owls


I really do seem to be feeding my button-fest mood at the moment, every shop I go into which sells buttons has my custom almost guaranteed !!! Along with the thousands of vintage buttons I have in my collection I have been adding many new ones too. I just love to create and what better than with the odd button or two…or three…or four and more… and other bits and pieces (most people would throw away) too! :-).

My ”Button Buddies” range started a few years ago, when I went to a button flower craft workshop, everyone was making button flowers – except me- I wanted to create something much more exciting and individual, so I set about making little characters instead. At the end of the class, people sat with their creations in front of them. Needless to say, mine were not anything to do with the class and entirely unique! Yay!!! Since then I have been incorporating each and every indivdual unique button character creation into many different things, these deep box framed wall plaques are another in my range

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