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Dormouse - ''DOORSTOP DUMPY'' Another of my creations!

Dormouse – ”DOORSTOP DUMPY” Another of my creations!

Ready just in time to hold open any door, especially when the warm weather arrives! (I know the sun will come out one day and make England warm again…it will… eventually…)

This super cute dormouse, handmade from a lovely floral print cotton mix fabric and wearing a little pocketed apron (perfect for storing the door key!)and matching mop-cap, is ready to meet and great visitors at the foot of your door, a definite talking point for all when they first see it. With a ribbon border and a few buttons to decorate at the base and for eyes and nose, a finishing touch of a little raffia for whiskers, completes the dormouse. Another artistic moment of creative crafting!

Created from my own pattern design, I have a range of different character ‘Doorstop Dumpies’ that I have handmade with love and quality workmanship, they will, when filled with a weighting element do their job perfectly. For reasons of, cost of shipping, and customs restrictions on sand/soils/grit etc. I have made them with a zipped base and inserted a zipped bag so their new owners can easily fill, re-insert weighted bag and zip up, as easy as that and you have a fully functioning ”Doorstop Dumpy”! Ready to go anywhere in the world.

''Doorstop Dumpy'' Dormouse pose No.1

”Doorstop Dumpy” Dormouse pose No.1

''Doorstop Dumpy'' Dormouse pose No.2

”Doorstop Dumpy” Dormouse pose No.2

''Doorstop Dumpy'' Dormouse pose No.3

”Doorstop Dumpy” Dormouse pose No.3