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You don't scare us!

You don’t scare us!

I did say it had been a busy week and I do have moments where I get the hoover out…..I promise! (just every now and then)

This little collage is based on one of my designs which I first used for a custom cushion cover. It is a great way to use little bits of fabrics, which most people would have already thrown away, which I store for moments like this in colour sorted bags (Its meant to make my life easier, but when I start they all get tipped out together – oh well, a small price to pay for being creative) I just love making something out of nothing!

With a selection of cotton fabrics I created the background panel first, before drawing and cutting pieces to applique by hand to create the scene. These little crows are definitely not put out by this scarecrow – he’s just too cute to be scary with little bits of raffia sticking out of his jacket and his shiny boots and sleeping soundly on his stick, its no wonder the birds have crept in for a better look!

Little extras like adding some tapestry backing offcuts for a fence and simple embroidered flowers and grasses over a frayed ‘grass verge’ piece of material just add to the fun of the little collage, which is framed and ready for a new home. Another unique creation from Caren’s creative canvas and craft! More details on  https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/carenscanvasandcraft