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Piggies Knitting Collage

PIGGIES KNITTING COLLAGE A variety of framed collages are now available on My Etsy Shop

Another hectic week has resulted in more fabric art pieces this is just one of them! Each and everyone I create are from my own imagination, I never recreate exactly the same again! Colour combinations and little twists of my own patterns make them all one offs!

After drawing a simple design for my piggy picture, I created a ‘countryside’ background panel, from a selection of patchwork cottons,to which I could hand applique the little shapes I had cut to form the two piggies and the little lamb. Using felt for the trees, face, trotters and sheep I arranged everything in place before stitching to the panel Then added some simple embroidered grasses and flowers to give a bit more depth to the picture.

Getting really good now at knitting on toothpicks!!!

I knit them both a little pieces from some embroidery thread and secured the tiny ‘needles’ in place with a few more stitches. I thought it would be fun to have them both knitting from the same fleece, its just that one of the piggies has a more forceful approach to her knitting as she seems to be pulling the lamb towards her!

Cute colourful creations from Caren’s canvas and craft! Art for all in many shapes and forms!!