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Black sheep 'knitting fun fabric collage

Black sheep ‘knitting fun fabric collage. Assorted collages available in MY Etsy shop

Another artistic moment arrived when I realised I should do the ”Black sheep” of the family ‘knitting’. ‘She’ is happily sitting on the fence about most matters, whilst ‘knitting’ from the little white fluffy lamb in pink Wellington boots – which has a really cute ”stunned expression”. You can almost hear it say ”I don’t believe she is doing that to me!” Another one off creation, no two ever exactly the same!!

Once again this little scene has been created from bits and pieces from my ever growing ‘scrap size pieces’ hoard. Its mind blowing to think of how many different things I can create from those scrumpled fabric offcuts. I have imagination overload going on right now!!!!  @-) Its a good job we don’t need the dining table for a good few months yet!

A little countryside patchwork fabric panel, overlaid with hand sewn fabric applique pieces and my now famous embroidery thread knitting on toothpicks! A cute little framed scene to make anyone smile!!