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Without glass for better detail ''Hen house''

Without glass for better detail
”Hen house”

Okay, my imagination got the better of me again!

This is one of my new designs for my fabric art pictures and an ideal way to use up small pieces. After first drawing my design I sorted through my tiny scraps of material, which really meant, tipping a bin bag’s worth all over my dining table, at some points it was over 15 inches high – Wow – where to start in the sensory overload of colours? I decided on a colour scheme first for the hens and then the background.

After piecing together the square patchwork back panel, I hand cut and stitched the applique parts over the top to form the hens sitting on their clutches of eggs. A few small pieces of raffia served as their nests and some felt for their beaks and feet Finding a stray piece of Hessian in the cotton scrap bag, I decided it was meant to be there for this very creation and stitched it on as the nesting box and added ”Hen house” with some embroidery thread.

Quite pleased at that point, I still thought it could use something more, so I grabbed a couple of toothpicks and a reel of blue embroidery thread (like you do! – Or, is that just me?!?) and set off knitting, once I got going it was quite an effort to stop. I don’t knit very often, and fiddly as it is on such tiny sticks, it was also quite relaxing. Having got to a good length, as I wanted the ‘scarf’ to sit out and around the mount area, I then stitched the little needles to the hen and appliquéd her little wings over to keep in place. As a final finishing touch I sewed the ‘click click and cluck cluck’ added a piece of felt over the whole backside and stitched on a cream cotton border before mounting behind card and framing. A unique piece of art 🙂

There, another crazy crafted cloth creation on canvas! Well, at least if kept me quiet for over a day!!

After taking a photograph of the 8” x 6” image without glass, so as to be able to see more detail, I then put back the glass to keep all safe and dust free 🙂

Arrrrgh! That huge pile of cloth is still all over my table though…..Suppose I can always make some more before I tidy up!