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''Don't rain on my parade'' Framed fabric art collage

”Don’t rain on my parade”
Framed fabric art collage

Creating little pieces of art from fabric .

This little picture has been made from a selection of different fabrics to create a cute quirky scene. whilst I have machine stitched the background fabrics together, all the little applique pieces after that have been hand drawn, cut then stitched in place. The little line of ducks is one of my own drawings and though I may do a similar scene no two are ever completely alike, making them a unique piece of art!

Ever the artist, I turned the green fabrics round in the foreground to give a little perspective to the picture, by having the lines on it converge in the background. Some simple embroidered grasses and flowers to decorate the banks of the ”river”. On the back face of the picture I placed a piece of felt and then a cream fabric border around the whole piece with the final finishing touch of diamond quilting the sky to create texture on the plain fabric!

As I have done before, I photographed without the glass in the frame for more detail to be seen, without reflections getting in the way, then replaced the glass to keep dust off.

I must say, the pile of things on my table seems to be growing rather than diminishing as I create these little pictures… no rush to tidy though, we only sit around it at Christmas now, the unwritten rule, Its’ MY space for the rest of the year! 🙂