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Pink cotton canvas gingham bunny ''Doorstop Dumpy''

Pink cotton canvas gingham bunny ”Doorstop Dumpy”

Ok, I know I said no more bunnies for a while, but that was last week, and this little (or rather large in fact) bunny creation was eating away at my brain cells, desperate to be created. So, as I had just enough of this pretty gingham fabric left, I thought it perfect to give over to a bunny doorstop. I had to be so careful as to mark out my pattern precisely as I had literally no room for error, in fact the tiny pieces left wouldn’t have made bunting for a mouse, they were minuscule!

For a contrast to the ears and arms I used some white satin fabric, making it really silky and soft. With the help of covered pipe cleaners inserted in each ear, the new owner can change the position from alert bunny to floppy bunny, while it holds its arms open to great you at the foot of a door (So cute you might just have to pick it up every now and again for a cuddle!) With some pieces of lace trim and some matching poly-cotton pink check material I created a little shawl and a padded little bonnet, tied on with some matching ribbon. A few little ribbon roses were stitched on to decorate and finally a few buttons for the eyes and a perfect pink heart button for its nose.

gingham pink bunny

As I have made this as one of my shippable ”Doorstop Dumpies” it is ready and waiting to ‘hop’ anywhere in the world. The reason it is shippable is that at the moment it has no weighting element inside, to keep shipping costs to as little as possible. The provision of making a zipped base with a removable cotton zipped bag inside means the new owner can simply unzip, remove the bag, and fill with approximately 5/6 lbs     (2/3 k) of grit stone/sand or similar weighting quite easily and they have a perfectly unique doorstop dumpy. This is a one off opportunity as I never make two things the same and as they are from my very own pattern which I created they are a one time wonder so hop to it as for a limited time it comes with free worldwide shipping, perfect to surprise someone in time for Easter, then practical for many years to come!


below are a couple more images from different angles. Sizes and other info can be found on the above link. Enjoy the bunny twirl!

Showing off my knitting yarn pompom tail!

Showing off my knitting yarn pompom tail! (That tiny white thing under me, is a discrete showing of my zip, just to show there is one!)

Showing off my knitting yarn pompom tail full on!

Showing off my knitting yarn pompom tail full on!

Showing off my knitting yarn pompom tail! Wow I look good all ways round :-) !

Showing off my knitting yarn pompom tail! Wow I look good all ways round 🙂 !

That’s it – I am over the bunny thing — Really I mean it! Coming soon – Framed fabric art pictures