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Rustic bunnies

Rustic bunnies

Not forgetting their bunny tails

Not forgetting their bunny tails

Over the last week or so I have been making things for the Easter Season. As a crafter you really need to be a few steps ahead of upcoming events to have enough stock for craft fairs and the like. So when I get an idea I certainly seem to go full steam ahead, and those who know my site, it means I never can stop at just one, always wanting to explore other possibilities, using different materials. Look out for a couple more bunny posts after this one!

This little pair were my first creations from the pattern I made, which is quite similar to the one I used for my penguins and snow men/women at Christmas time. Using quite a stiff cotton canvas material, which I would normally use when making bags/totes, but as I had a few pieces that were too small for that, they seemed perfect for experimenting. Whilst rummaging through my little scrap pieces looking for some linen to make their clothes, I found a small preprepared patchwork square that had been left over from a previous project, but it was just the perfect colour combination to match the canvas and the felt I had stitched on for their faces. So Mrs. Bunny was sorted! After a bit more routing I found a nice bit of lined to make Mr. Bunny a little jacket, I even inset some shirt sleeves and gave him a matching neckerchief.

Then I noticed it…

…I had trimmed off the salve edge of the linen and when I turned it over it had the words, ‘Made in England’ printed there, too good to pass up as that is where I made them, I thought. Oh my! I was so excited it was perfect to make Mrs Bunny an apron.

After a few finishing touches of adding tiny seed beads for their eyes and stitching little noses I found a few little buttons for their clothing and sowed a little felt base for each of them to stand on. As ever I have handmade and designed these little characters and no too will ever be the same, the little touches of tilting their faces or not making them too perfect all gives them their own character and personalities, which is what I love so much about creating and crafting, always making something original.

Now they have hopped over to My Etsy Shop! Carens canvas and craft in plenty of time to be a seasonal gift or an all year round  pair of decorative bunnies.