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Its another bunny!

Its another bunny! From the front and then the rear…

Then another.........

Then another………

DSCF6512Okay, this is maybe getting a bit weird now, even for me. Its no wonder my children call me ”Crazy Woman!’ And, they are used to my over indulgence on a theme! If you haven’t caught my last couple of posts, you will probably be thankful, for those who have, sorry, promise no more bunnies:-/ I am just going to put the rest of my bunny creations from last week below…and promise no more bunnies for a while! Though I was thinking of making a ”Doorstop Dumpy” bunny…hmm!

But at least I have gone some way to preparing for Easter and the mad bunny rush! They are everywhere, looking at me from inside their little plastic covers…I hope they get new homes soon, I seem to be overrun with them. Good job they are all female, well nearly all, Mr Bunny is definitely fastened in tight with his Mrs bunny and she doesn’t look ”in the right mood”!!!… if you know what I mean?

As a bit of variation I have also started adding some more original artwork and prints, as well as these hand-crafted items to my Etsy shop: Carens canvas and craft,


(…just a little footnote to those who have been asking about more originals..and there will be more in the future to come!)

(Last of the bunnies – these are giants in comparison to the others!)

Handmade bunnies

Handmade bunnies

”That’s all for now folks!” I’m off routing in my buttons again, I just had a new idea….!