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Small pink gingham bunny tote/bag

Small pink gingham bunny tote/bag

Having got full swing into bunnies, my next thought was how about that lovely piece of pink gingham I bought recently it would be perfect for a little tote/bag. So, rather than patchwork I decided on appliquéing some lovely bright pink bunnies I cut from felt with a little heart above them. After I had stitched them in place I hand quilted over the whole piece and then routed around in my buttons until I found enough matching ones to stitch around the heart. That really set it off nicely. Not content with just one lot of bunnies I decided the back of the tote/bag deserved a little design too. So again I drew out a sketch of a bunny cut it out of some white felt this time and stitched it in place. Surely if the front could have buttons, why not the back?! So… back to the button tins! This time I hand stitched a little grass border and added some ‘button flowers’, then to finish off gave the bunny a giant felt flower and a pink pompom tail

Most would think okay, enough bunnies…! but as I was making one of my special multi-pockets for the inside of the tote/bag I though ”Oh, Why not!” so I added a final little pink and white bunny in there too. Adding little beads for eyes and stitching little cute noses on them all. I finished the quilting on the reverse of the bag, made the little handles and finished with a magnetic clasp.

Yay! One perfect pink bunny bag. And guess what? Its already ‘hopping’ its way to its new owner! 🙂

Below are some more views of the pink bunny tote/bag

DSCF6528 inside bunny baq Iinside pocket bunny bag