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Painting with bleach - Available on my Etsy shop CARENSCANVASANDCRAFTfor a limited time

Painting with bleach – Available on My Etsy Shop CARENSCANVASANDCRAFT for a limited time!

Having now got into the swing of the New year I feel the creations queue growing inside me and its definitely time to get on and let them out. Having completed the first A3  sized bleach painting of a forest for Ronnie I carried on and did another for my Etsy shop. Although they are all of a similar scene (from my imagination) each one is also unique and original, it would be impossible whilst using bleach and water to replicate an exact copy and so they are more of a series by that respect.

Painting with bleach is quite exciting and very experimental as you have to wait for it to dry out before knowing the result and whether or not it needs reworking and so the process goes on, painting in reverse, ‘removing’ the picture onto the paper, until I am happy with the effect.

Bleach on this particular black card has produced a green tinged effect to the scene (which hasn’t been picked up very well by my poor photographic efforts with my little Fujifilm camera) which I must admit I quite like now. It turns out to be less harsh and somehow more mysterious than a stark white on black!
More bleach paintings coming soon :-)!