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face from ripped up painting bits

face from ripped up painting bits or ‘perpetual art’ as my daughter remarked!

Over the holidays I found myself alone one day and thought I might experiment more with the Inktense pencils. Firstly I sketched out some small, (4” x 3”ish) doodles of imaginary countryside scenes with an ink pen, I decided not to ink over the originals, so I scanned them and scaled them up to A4 and printed them off on watercolour paper to play around. All good for quick experimentation though as I had scaled up so had the width of the lines on the drawings, some were now almost a quarter inch wide, not to be put off I carried on playing with the ink pencils just to get a feel of what they were like for blending and bleeding together. after an hour of so I had four wet soggy landscape scenes, so mainly green, blue and a little brown from trees and stone walls. As I sat with a cup of tea watching the contorting and curling failed experiments, I decided there must be something I could do with them – really I think I was just trying to pass more time until my family returned – having finished my brew time I grabbed my hair dryer and gave them a quick blast. A little more dry and curly than before I started ripping them into little bits. By the time my family returned from their day out I was sat sorting small pieces of coloured papers into piles, armed with my PVA glue, a brush and the cardboard back of the watercolour pad raring to go again. A couple more hours resulted in the piece you see above formed from bits of sky, lush green meadows and trees! – I have no idea who it is meant to be it just happened!

Definitely not my best work, but never wanting to throw anything away, the mosaic effect collage is different and I liked my daughter’s description of it having become a piece of perpetual art! It did also fill a bored moment…or two…..even three or four ๐Ÿ™‚