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Didn’t really know what image to put as a thank you for all the hits I have had on my site since I joined WordPress on January 2nd this year, Having just looked at my stats I saw that I have just gone over 10,000 views!!!!! I am overwhelmed 🙂 not only that people have found me but also stayed around and explored and then decided to follow me too. Thank You EVERYONE whether you found me because you hit a tag or you are a follower or just stumbled across me I am very grateful for everyone’s interest and support.

I hope you like the photo of my sleeping Peppy the Weimaraner, he always turns pink when he’s tired – I think that is so cute. He is not allowed onto the furniture, but while on a visit home my daughter encouraged him to get on and I think he enjoyed every restful moment though my daughter did get in trouble for letting him up there. having a cuddle from her dog far outweighed the stern words from her father

In the last , almost, twelve months, I have grown from a complete computer novice to someone who can mostly get things to where they should be when I want them to be. I have undergone ””’intense””’ computer training and instruction from my daughter on a somewhat one day basis on her short visits home, to her setting me up a blog, again only showing me for a day what to do and then leaving me to it.
Another trip home for the weekend ended up with me having an Etsy site, again a days training with a few written instructions and my daughter left me pretty much to it. I really can’t express how scary this has all been. I grew up in the age where a computer was sixteen feet wide and ten foot tall and I wasn’t allowed as a school student to go near it — it was for the ‘new intake’ , the class of 1983, to learn how they worked — I was in the last year of high school and therefore it was considered ”no point to introduce technology to us” And so I left education at the age of 16 with absolutely no computer interaction. Some 30 years later here I am.

The last few years have been trying shall we say, with my debilitating condition and then in July of this year my Husband’s family firm disappearing after 35 years of trading. We as a family have had to pull together, as so many others have done in this sad time of recession, to start a new and adventurous life. Both my husband and myself are now self employed, he as a highly skilled roofer and building maintenance worker and myself with my small Etsy site and trading at local fairs with all my self taught skills in art and craft. As I think most people would admit life is harder now than some twenty years ago, whilst family will always be there with love and support, to be able to keep the things that matter after them, like your house and simple ways of life, we have to work harder then ever before. Both my husband and myself are not afraid of hard work, and we both each still do over ten hours each day, age and illness are not compatible with maintaining this degree of exhaustion though, so another thank you goes out to our daughter for introducing me to the computer, the internet and the world of on-line trading. As we are in the early days of getting known, I am hoping word of what I do will eventually spread and I can make our life easier as a successful artist and crafter

Learning by the hard knocks of life seems to never stop and so we will continue to learn. I have yet to introduce my husband to the world of computers and at the age of fifty he has his spots pretty much set in stone against it— but I will conquer him ! if I can do it so can he!!

If you have stayed with me this far down I very much appreciate it, in my little way of showing you what I do I hope to change our future one day!

Again a VERY BIG THANK YOU to however many people have been on my site and however you found me I am grateful for the power of networking I hope to share, inspire and bring a smile to those who find me!