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A Pair of Super Sylish Seasonal Snowman and Snow-woman Christmas decorations

A Pair of Super Stylish Seasonal Snowman and Snow-woman Christmas decorations

After making a flurry of felt footed penguins I decided to also make some of my festive snowmen too!

My little seasonal ‘snowman/woman characters have been handmade from the pattern I created, though they are very simple they are quite effective as little Christmas decorations dressed in their little cotton print hats, scarf and shawl, each having a little tiny bell. I think the little pair look a bit like Carol singers all muffled up for the cold weather.

As they are all handmade and are all cut and sewn individually, and slightly differently, I feel this is what gives them their character. All the pieces are applied by hand too, including fraying the small pieces of material to make a fringe effect for their scarves.
For their bodies I have used white ploy-cotton fabric, For their noses I used bright orange felt then some tiny beads for their eyes. A synthetic wadding had been used to stuff them and a small piece of stiff card has been sewn into their base to make them stable and stand freely. The little lady has a hand twisted cord around her middle which has a little’hand muffler’ and for extra decorationI made her a pompom wreath with tiny felt holly leaves and tiny red beads for berries. Whilst the little man has a flat cap to match his scarf, a couple of little buttons, a little broom made from a pipe cleaner with little white fluffy pompom snowballs attached to him as a finishing touch

These decorations can be brought out year after year to celebrate the festive season. They are quite a stylish pair in their matching outfits too!

DSCF6404 DSCF6405 DSCF6406As ever I never seem to stop at one of anything….. so here are the green versions too!!

The green pair of Super stylish seasonal snowman and woman

The green pair of Super stylish seasonal snowman and woman. Check out Caren’s Canvas and Craft – My Etsy shop.