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Golden goose tote/bag

Golden goose tote/bag

For a little variation in my week away from ‘sheep’ pictures and Elephant ‘Doorstop Dumpies” I decided to make a Handmade patchwork tote/bag.

As the reds and greens are all around me after making Christmas decorations too, I thought I would put some less traditional red/green fabrics together from my collection for a more modern twist. The fabric surrounding the centre cream panel was the one I started with, It has a very eye catching combination of bright red, green and black in the printed design, I then found a simpler green print which coordinated very well with it and threw caution to the wind by using the red and white polka dot for the outer border and shoulder straps. Having decided on the fabric combination I needed to come up with a little something for the centre panel I wanted to have on the front of the bag. Torn between a Christmas creation and something which can be used all year round I came up with a compromise. I decided to put a little goose on the square, which has reference to the upcoming season, but, because it is waddling through a ‘flowery grassy scene’, it can be used at any time of year!

I drew my own goose design and hand embroidered it in a golden coloured thread in stem stitch then used a selection of green threads to create the ‘grass’ and stitched a few red ‘flowers’ to bring everything together.

For the reverse side of the tote/bag I went a little simpler in design

Reverse of the 'Golden Goose' Tote/bag

Reverse of the ‘Golden Goose’ Tote/bag

Still using the same materials as the front. After hand quilting both the front and reverse I found some old coordinating buttons to jazz up the back, meaning it can be used either way. Inside I made one of my multi-pocket features, one large open pocket at the back with a zipped one in front of that then a smaller open pocket at the bottom,

'Golden Goose' multi-pocket feature

‘Golden Goose’ multi-pocket feature

Fully lined in a cream cotton and finally finished with a small magnetic clasp on the little flap.

Perfect for any time of year – including Christmas too!!!