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''Doorstop Dumpy''  elephant

”Doorstop Dumpy”

After coming across some super soft flannel cottons in my local fabric shop I couldn’t resist buying just a little. In fact just about enough to make one of my handmade”Doorstop Dumpies” fortunately I had bought a little of the coordinating red flannel too which was perfect for highlighting the ‘ears’ and ‘feet’ . I set about cutting the pieces from the pattern I had designed and created for this particular ”Doorstop Dumpy” character.  As ever when working with pattern material and all the twists and turns of the character shape pattern pieces I try my best to get everything lined up as near as possible and I think this little chap has turned out just fine. For a little quirkiness I made him a flat cap topped off with an old button and found just the right colour of satin ribbon to give him a little bow tie too. Finished off with some recycled buttons for eyes, he is weighted and ready to go to my upcoming craft fair as another unique hand-crafted creation

Super soft and stylish he’s ready to hold back any door – while sitting smartly on the floor!