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Patchwork origami folded  multi pocket pouch

Patchwork origami folded multi pocket pouch

Since my gingerbread guy craze I seem to have let loose on all things, here I have again gone back to one of my old favourite creations, always with a unique twist. Some years back I was shown how to create a five or six pocket origami patchwork pocket, not content to go with the flow,  experimented with different folding techniques until I came up with my eight pocket pouch, sometimes I have added also a shoulder strap for little ones to have them as a bag. These I have omitted the strap to go with a more widespread audience. They could be used for a make-up bag, a craft utensil organiser, or indeed a little one’s treasured possession organiser.

Starting with either coordinating or contrasting cotton fabrics I have a sandwich of two cotton fabrics with a synthetic piece of wadding between measuring 16.5 inches square. From there I work a few folds and hand sew them into place, after a few more stitching details to bring the seems together and I add a face of recycled buttons. No two are ever going to be the same, making them all a one off product. Hand placing the buttons gives them all a unique character face, A small elastic or hand twisted cord fastener completes the look with their twisted back ‘ears’.

Each multi-pocket origami folded pouch has a differing pocket size internally, with the larger pockets at the back of the pouch and the smaller at the front.

If you are looking for something different – THIS IS IT ! AND all handmade 🙂

A couple of other examples below

Origami folded multi-pockets

Origami folded multi-pockets

''Wow I really am holding a sneeze in''

”Wow I really am holding a sneeze in”

''I could be sucking a lemon you know!'

”I could be sucking a lemon you know!’

''Oh... They left me all on my own !'''

”Oh… They left me all on my own !”’