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After having ‘An elephant’ visit my site and leave a message for me I was inspired to make another creation in my ”Doorstop Dumpies” range. Taking some vibrant flowery fabric and coordinating  plain pink cotton I set about designing a pattern for my idea. See below for the end result, I have first a small poem in the style of,     ‘An Elephant’ (just not quite as good as his!) 


‘An Elephant’ spotted a lack of his kind on my site

So, I introduce a hefty creative ”Doorstop Dumpy”

It is the largest doorstop I have in size

I do hope An Elephant has a nice surprise

She’s certainly cute and not at all grumpy

A narrow trunk and huge wafting ears

She can sit and hold back almost any door

With lace and beads adorning her head

Very pretty she looks –It must be said!

Quite a character to have on your floor!!

''Doorstop Dumpy'' Elephant

”Doorstop Dumpy” Elephant

''Doorstop Dumpy'' Elephant

”Doorstop Dumpy” Elephant

''Doorstop Dumpy'' Elephant

”Doorstop Dumpy” Elephant