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I thought I would do something a little different today, a few years ago I had a few of my poems published, below is one of them. It was written, when, for one reason and another, life was being cruel, sadly those hard times seem to be back, though for different reasons now, which is what reminded me about my poetry.


Each and every one has something to yield

Along through life we all push our barrow

Some are told they are merely just fallow

How often do we need our own core healed

They alone have no right to make fate sealed

What becomes of them to feel so hallow

Their ego gone they are merely shallow

Stripped and laid bare how do they feel when peeled


All have their own search for protection, balm

What choices are left for our deft tussle

Would the cat scream loyalty? No stay calm

Take away the stress, the pain, just bustle

We don’t need your failings or your alarm

Now, go, get on with your life, let’s hustle.


Copyright Caren Taylor. Published 2001 Cuddles compassion Care – Anchor Books


' Midsummer Madness '

‘ Midsummer Madness ‘                                                                   Copyright Caren Taylor